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CRISTADUR is SCHOCK's premium material. The material is specially developed for the demands of the kitchen. The rigors of everyday use vanish from CRISTADUR sinks without a trace – red wine, coffee and heavy pans leave no marks whatsoever. The material is particularly easy to clean, safe for use with food with ProHygienic 21 non-porous finish. This naturally resistant hygiene protection system developed by SCHOCK inhibits approximately 95% of bacterial growth, which makes doing kitchen chores a more hygienic and carefree experience.

 The non-porous structure of CRISTADUR makes the material particularly fine, allowing for unprecedented ease of care and featuring our patented SCHOCK Lotus effect. Residue that could be a breeding ground for bacteria finds it impossible to stick to the material’s surface. Foods and liquids simply run off. It can easily be removed with a damp cloth and a little dishwashing liquid.


An added benefit of CRISTADUR is its silky-smooth finish, giving the material a delicate shimmer and a soft feel with maximum resistance to dirt and scratches.

Approximately 85% of the material used in SCHOCK’s CRISTADUR sinks is quartz, the hardest constituent of granite, which is why they are also known as granite sinks.

The quartz is coupled with a high-grade acrylic binder. It is this combination of acrylic and quartz that gives the sinks their durability.

The granite sinks developed and patented by SCHOCK have achieved a highly acclaimed reputation as premium products over the past twenty years, with more than a million of the sinks sold across the globe each year.

CRISTADUR - Solid Surface Colors

CRISTADUR - Metallic Surface Colors

CRISTADUR benefits at a glance

  •     Lotus effect (foods and liquids simply run off)
  •     Naturally antibacterial (exclusive to SCHOCK)
  •     Extremely easy to clean
  •     Food-safe
  •     UV-Stable
  •     Stain-resistant
  •     Impact resistant thanks to the very high quartz content