The Company

SCHOCK invented the granite sink more than 30 years ago. Approximately 75% of the almost 2 million granite sinks produced in the world today on an annual basis are manufactured with the SCHOCK method, underlining the company’s internationally leading position in this technology. SCHOCK is the only producer to manufacture its granite sinks exclusively in Germany. Approximately half a million sinks are produced in Regen annually. For 2014, a factory expansion allows for over 20% increased capacity.

“You know you have something special when you can see and feel a product that only creates the desire to possess it. As we continue to push the boundaries of possibility, it ultimately results in the creation of the best and most unique product in the world. What Schock has achieved through innovation and our patented manufacturing technology is second to none and we continue to be the leader in this product category. Our unlimited color palette across 2 patented materials leave everything to the imagination so that every person, from the everyday consumer to the trendiest designer, can fulfill their dreams of the perfect kitchen.”


Peter Shim

President, CEO